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Data driven Project Management - Shared screen with speaker view
Cristian Artigues
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Cristian Artigues
Dear Mario, thank you for the very attractive presentation. This is a question also following Philippe Laborie’s plenary talk yesterday. Speaking of very large project instances, such as those consist of hundreds to thousands of tasks, does it make sense in practice, considering the management and control of such complexity and huge uncertainty as well? Shall we consider different work-break-down structures and make the project smaller, or shall we construct the large project as an integration of multiple smaller projects? In addition, when we design experiments, is there a suggested reasonable range of project size, such as n = 30, 60, 90, 120, 300, etc. ? Many thanks!
Cristian Artigues
The question from José was: Mario, the SolutionsUpdate that we launched on the website is starting to used, but not much as expected. Do you think that we have made it too complex?